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StaleyHosting announces a new hosting service and updated hosting plans.

Milan, MI – StaleyHosting announced today plans to launch an improved hosting service structure. The new service will be available through StaleyDigital and will argument additional services StaleyDigital currently provides. The other services include custom graphic design and website design services. Details of StaleyHosting’s revamped plans are still forthcoming, but are expected within the next week.

“Once we release details of the new plans, along with related features and prices, they will be available on StaleyDigital’s website.” said Andrew Staley, founder and lead developer of StaleyDigital. “We will be contacting existing customers after that time, when they will have the opportunity to keep their existing plans or transition to the new ones.”


About StaleyHosting

StaleyHosting is the web hosting division of StaleyDigital. It currently operates web, DNS and database hosting services for clients and customers of StaleyDigital. StaleyHosting also maintains internal business services for StaleyDigital.

All of the services StaleyHosting provides to the general public, are handed by StaleyDigital. Billing and order processing are handled by StaleyDigital, with client and end-user support being handled by StaleyHosting directly.

About StaleyDigital

StaleyDigital, established in 2006, began offering it’s services commercially in early 2013. StaleyDigital provides a wide range of services including web-hosting, custom web coding, graphic design, and web design. The company also has several released Android applications, which are available through Google Play and the Amazon Android App Store.